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Environmental Corn Exchange

Environmental Refurbishment

The environmental impact of our venue was shaped from the outset, when our company, Marco’s Leisure Ltd, rescued this derelict and run down site which housed former agricultural buildings and had the vision to bring them back to life in the form of leisure and event spaces

The restoration process, over a 2 year period , saw many of the original features retained and restored to their former glory and gave many buildings that were rotten to the core after decades of abandonment a brand new identity and lease of life.

Since the opening of the complex in 1999, we have been proud, as a family business, to incorporate into our management structure, environmental policies, which are reviewed and adjusted by our directors on an on-going basis.



We recognise our corporate responsibility and are committed to reduce our carbon footprint.

It is our policy, when developing new procurement procedures or reviewing existing purchasing systems, to consider the environmental impact of such an operation. We always try and use local suppliers where possible and ensure that products are ‘environmentally friendly’.


LED Lighting

In 2008 we worked closely with the carbon trust and have reviewed all our lighting systems in our complex. As a result, we have;

  • Installed a state-of-the-art LED lighting system in our largest event s space and replaced all of the ‘house lighting’ to more energy efficient fittings.
  • New Energy Efficient LED Lighting in the Concourse, Bistro and Baron reducing energy consumption.
  • Changed to LED and energy efficient light bulbs throughout the complex.

In addition, we have incorporated many areas of natural lighting throughout all spaces wherever possible.


Recycling and Waste

In terms of recycling, we have procedures in place for dealing with all types of waste including;

  • Paper, cardboard and plastic
  • Aluminium and tin
  • Glass, light bulbs and printer cartridges
  • Food and general waste.


Any waste products generated in the operation of the business shall be identified and handled in compliance with the DUTY OF CARE legislation of the environmental protection act.

For us to reduce water waste within the business we have installed water control devices in our toilets and fitted our sinks with push button taps.

In 2017 we went completely paperless within our offices. All systems and processes are now fully online and electronic to all clients and suppliers from contracts, to invoices, to stock take. This was carried out by installing new systems within the business and recycling all the stored information from all filing cabinets and removing the cabinets themselves from the business.


External Suppliers

As a large varied event venue, we work closely with external suppliers which also have the same commitment to sustainability. This is a commitment shown across the board of all our suppliers as this is an ever-growing issue.

Our catering partner, Saltire Hospitality, has shown commitment to sustainability through their Silver Green Tourism award. Saltire pride themselves in their commitment to sustainability, they achieve this through their locally sourced food, environmentally friendly packaging, cleaning products, water and energy saving, recycling, and waste disposal, and also their CO2 footprint. For Saltire’s full commitment to sustainability, please contact us.

Cameron is our AV partner and again, just like Saltire, prides themselves in their commitment to sustainability. Cameron work alongside the Government’s policies to make sure that their impact on the environment is as minimal as possible. This is carried out their reduction on transportation, operating a green purchasing policy, refurbishing old equipment and reducing waste. For Cameron’s full commitment to sustainability, please contact us.


Our Commitment

We are committed to continually evolve as a business and will endeavour to reduce our environmental impact as our business continues to grow.

As a venue we have implemented several changes to reduce the impact on the environment which includes the following:

  • We use ‘edenware’ products as much as possible, for example instead of china cups at tea and coffee stations, we now use these biodegradable cups which can be deposited into food waste.
  • Within all our bars, we now have paper straws.
  • Eco-friendly corporate gifts
  • We have also been fitted with a new energy efficient boiler which will allow us to monitor our energy use.

We are committed to continually evolve as a business and will endeavor to reduce our environmental impact as our business continues to grow.